Alwyn Home Coussin Euro et Commentaires 18556063

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You’ve found the perfect pillow cover to make your bedding really shine, now finish the job with this pair of plush and fluffy Euro pillows! Enveloped in a clean white 100 GSM microfiber cover, each pillow strikes a plump 26” square silhouette with stitched sides, hypoallergenic polyester fill cushioning is designed to cradle your head while you sleep. Machine washable for effortless upkeep, just add your preferred pillow case and make this your new favorite pillow!


  • L'ensemble comprend 2 piillows
  • La collection d'oreillers européenne - 100 coques GSM
  • 100% polyester polyester, inodore, lavable - set de 2 oreillers
  • Usine directe vous assurant le prix le plus bas! Down comme confort et hypersensible 95GSM en microfibre ultra douce.

Détails du produit

  • Matériau de la housse: 100% Coton
  • Matériau de la bourre: Polyester/garnissage en polyester
  • Insert inclus: Oui

Alwyn Home Coussin Euro et Commentaires 18556063